Ailwyn McGeoch is a software engineer with a decade of professional experience, with expert knowledge in front end web development. He recently spearheaded the redesign of a primary acquisition journey at Kaluza, resulting in conversion rates increasing by 149%, whilst also making key improvements to accessibility, code quality and user experience

Ailwyn is not currently looking for new opportunities.

Professional Skillset

Web Technologies


JavaScript ES6




Design & Layout

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator



Deployment & Pipeline

Node JS








Web Application


Next JS





Software Engineer


Feb 2020 to Present

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Ailwyn currently works at Kaluza, part of the OVO group, using React, Redux and APIs to facilitate customer facing services on an international enterprise level energy platform.

Responsibilities include:

  • Took lead on the UI redesign of a key acquisition product, improving conversion rate by 149% through both technical improvements and user experience refinement
  • Created and presented a new multi-brand i18n-friendly design system, allowing the engineering team to achieve a faster sustainable MVP release of new company tooling
  • Designed and implemented an expandable nodeJS/express mock API server, resulting in an increase in local development speed and allowing E2E tests access to realistic responses

Software Engineer

Spark Energy

Jun 2019 to Feb 2020

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Ailwyn worked at Spark Energy, part of the OVO group, using React, Redux and .net MVC as part of a product development team. He later joined the self service team, creating a design system, and leading an exercise to revamp the existing web portal to focus on accessibility, user experience and simplified customer interaction.

Responsibilities included:

  • Coordinated the successful redesign of the "My Account" application from Angular to React, reducing manned customer queries by directly improving design, accessibility and user experience
  • Created and championed a collaborative React-based design system, allowing engineers to engage in faster development cycles through the use of high quality reusable components
  • Refreshed company's branding by proactively leading discussions, proposals and brand improvements across multiple teams and stakeholders

Web Developer

Shelter Scotland

Mar 2017 to Jun 2019

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Ailwyn worked as the primary developer in the Shelter Scotland head office, coordinating front-end development.

Responsibilities included:

  • Created highly accessible front-end code to serve hundreds of thousands of users, reducing existing page load times by over 75%
  • Supervised implementation of third party software, to serve at-risk clients with geolocation based advice
  • Extended functionality of an experimental third party chatbot, based on Microsoft Azure's LUIS machine learning service
  • Represented Scotland in wider development team, to safeguard and champion areas of crossover
  • Led channel shifting initiative to reduce load on manned services, introducing vital monitoring and improvement to gateway pages

Front-End Web Developer

Goss Interactive

Aug 2014 to Jul 2016

Plymouth, United Kingdom

Ailwyn worked as the lead front-end web developer at Goss Interactive, overseeing front-end integration.

Responsibilities included:

  • Developed and improved company products for increased front-end capabilities
  • Implemented front-end code solutions in coordination with .net and Java back end developers
  • Orchestrated and led creative design processes with clients
  • Mentored junior developers and colleagues in front-end practice, resulting in fewer cosmetic issues
  • Delivered seminars to clients to increase technological understanding and improve their independent capabilities
  • Worked extensively in both Agile and Waterfall teams

Web Developer & Project Manager

Ailwyn Media

Aug 2011 to Aug 2014

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Ailwyn worked on a freelance basis for small and medium sized businesses, across multidisciplinary needs.

Responsibilities included:

  • Managed entire project life cycle for clients, identifying areas with business opportunities
  • Managed client contact, reporting, billing and documentation
  • Worked in branding, marketing, and experience design, to empower small business to reach larger audiences
  • Created an innovative code solution to manage bespoke product ordering and customisation

Computer Games Design & Visual Effects, BA (Hons)

Cambridge School of Art

Sep 2007 to Sep 2010

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Ailwyn graduated from the Cambridge School of Art, in the inaugural class. Following graduation, worked in the visual effects industry for a year, on projects with clients including: Titanic Belfast, Ridley Scott Associates and River Island.

Ailwyn has worked with: